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Partnering With Us

Our Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art 4000 square meter facility in Jiaxing features the latest manufacturing technology allowing us to execute complex projects with ease. This includes:

Our Network

We can source and procure any custom components for your game from our trusted, long-term partners. This includes:

Our Process

How we bring your vision from idea to reality

A successful project and long-term partnerships begin with a reliable and transparent process. Here’s a quick overview of ours.

Design & Development

Have an idea for a game? Let’s bring it to life! Our team, in partnership with game developer Origames, can assist you with every aspect of game development from graphic design to game mechanics.


We’ll meet and discuss your projects unique specifications including budget, material requirements and timelines. We will use this information to source materials and produce a quote.


Using the requirements outlined in our consulting phase, we’ll begin sourcing the materials needed to produce your games. We can procure anything from meeples to custom cast metal coins.


We’ll provide a contract for your approval that outlines the quoted components, pricing, quantities, shipping terms and any other requirements for your project. Once signed, we’re under way!


Our pre-press team will check your artwork files to ensure they meet all requirements for print and let you know what, if anything, needs to be fixed or adjusted to ensure the best possible product.

Final Approval

A set of full-color print proofs, game accessories and blank board and box samples will be provided for your review and approval before production to confirm they match your requirements.


With final approval in-hand we’ll begin mass producing your project! This phase can take between 30-45 days (for non-tooling items). We are sometimes able to accomodate a faster production time.


If product safety testing is required for compliance, we’ll work directly with our UKAS / HOKLAS accredited lab partners to run all required tests and ensure your project is cleared for sale.

Shipping & Delivery

After production is complete, we will deliver your project to the Shanghai port  for FOB shipment. No logistics? No problem! We’re happy to connect you with our trusted partners.